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Large Cargo Ship (Freight, Custom Brokage, Logistics, Supply Chain)

Jupiter SCM is your logistics one stop shop.

We offer a logistics web portal, blog, podcasts, Video Blog, and logistics services.
We recognize the changing nature of global trade and the challenges that come with it so we provide a comprehensive assessment and report to all our clients

We are the premier concierge customs brokerage in the USA. Our associates can work at our client's facilities on time-sensitive projects.
We have agents spanning six continents who have expertise in region/country-specific regulations

Large Cargo Ship (Freight, Custom Brokage, Logistics, Supply Chain)
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Jupiter SCM is a Logistics and Supply Chain company located in Torrance, California. The company was created in 2019 to enable International Trade participants to transact business in real-time. The web portal enables users to search for customs brokers, freight forwarders, truckers, and warehouses worldwide.

We also have curated content such as trade articles, blog posts [ in text and audio], and targeted industry videos for our users on a wide array of market subjects. We understand that supply chain stakeholders make informed decisions when they have a holistic understanding of the entire supply chain process. Our Premium clients enjoy concierge supply chain services. Qualified partners work with our professionals at their facilities for time-sensitive or critical projects.

As we improve our content, we will be interviewing industry experts who will provide insights on trending topics. We will also be providing videos of our interviews with market experts and allow our users to follow us and ask questions in real-time.


In all, our goal is to simplify Supply Chain for small businesses.

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