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7 Tips To Reduce Your Shipping Costs

Shipping costs can turn a great deal or an enjoyable online shopping experience into a major expense. Fortunately, there are several strategies you can use to reduce both the cost of shipping and your overall expenses. With these seven simple tips, you'll be able to start optimizing your delivery costs right away!

  • Take Advantage of Shipping Software.

One of the best ways to save on delivery costs is to take advantage of shipping software. By integrating existing systems, you will be able to streamline your order process and eliminate manual tasks that require unnecessary human resources. Shipping software also automates labeling, tracking, and compliance functions for multiple carrier accounts to ensure accuracy and reduce costs.

  • Shop Around for Discounts and Special Deals.

Many carriers offer discounts and special deals for customers who are willing to commit to more consistent and/or larger purchases. Researching different carriers and discussing your existing needs with them is the best way to discover any potential discounts that are available. Additionally, many carriers offer prescheduled pickups which can save you time and money on shipping costs. Finally, some carriers have seasonal pricing models that may offer lower rates during peak times if you meet their minimum requirements.

  • Buy Insurance If Necessary.

Parcel: Sometimes the cost of insurance is significantly less than the value of the item being shipped. For valuable items, it may be beneficial to purchase additional insurance so that you’re covered in case something should happen during transit. This is especially true for items that are even more valuable, such as electronics, jewelry, and antiques. Consider adding USPS shipping insurance when you order boxes from a packaging company to ensure any lost parcels will be covered.

  • Negotiate Freight Costs with Carriers Directly.

Take the time to research different couriers and carriers to get the most affordable shipping rates. You can even negotiate with them directly for better rates. Once you’ve identified a few options that work best for your business, contact them and negotiate their pricing. This will save you money on each sale and leave you feeling satisfied knowing that you got the best deal possible on shipping.

  • Leverage Different Shipping Methods Where Possible.

Utilizing different shipping methods can be an effective way to reduce your total shipping costs. You may want to consider using small parcels, white glove delivery, and LTL (Less-Than-Truckload) services for larger items or heavier shipments. The small parcel is ideal for lighter shipments than them, while LTL is more suitable for bulky items that don’t fit into regular packages. With the right strategy in place, you can often piece together a mix of methods that save you money while ensuring all your products get to where they need to go.

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